Michael Moore: Trump’s Election will be the Biggest F***K You in Human History!

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Let’s relive that moment when the biggest sack of Shit “Michael Moore” when he said this about Donald Trump, even though he was making fun of the next POTUS, Boy was he right and dead on the money !

Michael explains to us why TRUMP will win. He gets it. This is capitulation. Trump will win BIG LEAGUE! REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 8TH OF NOVEMBER !!

And to All of you globalists, Wall Street criminals, CTR and Hillary shills who got the Biggest F***K Ever. It feels soo good today for us Deplorables!

Trump’s Election will be the Biggest F***K in Human History!



Right after the election the media classified Trump supporters as white supremacists.Thank you for creating this TSUNAMI that will have ripple effects for many many years to come !

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