Donald Trump Will Push For A Constitutional Amendment

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Change needs to start somewhere.

Donald Trump made a new policy proposal during a speech in Grand Junction, Colo. on Tuesday, Brit Hume reported On The Record.

Campaign Carl Cameron was on the trail with Trump and explained exactly for what the candidate was advocating.

“Effectively, he said he’s going to drain the swamp and get rid of corruption in Washington,” by instituting term limits, Cameron said.

“I will push for a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,” Trump said at the rally.

He proposed a two-term limit for senators and a three-term limit for congressmen.

“Trump is running as the outsider, bashing…Paul Ryan [as well as] the Democrats,” Cameron said, predicting he would therefore not find “a lot of support from members of Congress.”

To enact a Constitutional amendment, the proposal must be approved by two-thirds of Congress and three-fifths of the states.

The last amendment to be ratified was the 27th, back in 1992, which forbids Congress from raising their salaries before an election has intervened. It was first proposed in 1789.

This is legitimately something EVERYONE should agree that we need – regardless of party affiliation

(h/t): Fox News

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